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Tamil Ultimate Climax Scene Movies

Tamil Ultimate Climax Scene Movies

There have been a number of Tamil movies in the past that had some great climax scenes. There is a certain fun in watching romance and thriller movies that you cannot find in any other genre. There have been many Tamil movies in the past that were delivered, and people appreciated those movies.

In this guide, you will learn about some Tamil movies where you will find some of the ultimate climax scenes. Movies such as Bombay, Jeans and MinsaraKanavu are movies that you must watch. Learn more about these movies in detail in the guide below.

Tamil Movies You Must Watch for the Ultimate Climax Scenes

The Tamil movies that you must watch for these scenes are as follows:


Bombay is a 1995 Tamil movie made by Mani Ratnam that has been praised and won many accolades. The music in this movie is considered one of the greatest Indian soundtracks of all time. The cast of the movie includes Arvind Swamy, Manisha Koirala, Prakash Raj, SonaliBendre, TinnuAnand, Nassar and many more.

The story is basically about a Hindu guy coming back to his coastal village in Tamil Nadu from Bombay and falling in love with a Muslim girl. But the guy does not have a good relationship with his father, who also disapproves of his love for the girl. Soon there are problems in their relationship when two families almost engage violently with one another. Watch this movie to know what happens next.


This is arguably one of the best Tamil moviesdirected by S. Shankar, and the cast of this movie includes Prasanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Lakshmi, Nassar and many more. This movie revolves around two twins; the elder brother falls in love with Madhumitha (Aishwarya), but the father, Nachiappan (Nasser), does not like the marriage.

The rest of the movie deals with how Visu is able to convince his father about the marriage. If you are looking for a Tamil movie that has various climax scenes, this is the movie that you need to watch.


This is another Tamil romance movie from 1997 directed by Rajiv Menon, and the soundtrack of the movie composed by AR Rahman is brilliant. This movie featured many actors, such as Kajol Devgan, Prakash Raj, Arundhati Nag, ArvindSwamy, GirishKarnad, Nassar and many more.

This is a triangular love story where a rich girl (Kajol) looks to become a nun at a specific centre. There she meets a guy who is shy(Aravind Swamy), and he also meets a cool guy, played by Prabhu Deva. Thomas loves Priya (Kajol), but Priya ultimately falls for Deva instead, who was hired by Thomas to convince Priya for himself.

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